Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A Misty Song for You

Iris of photons
Gets entangled,
With gossamer penumbra…
Between interplay of sunshine and shadows
Are born you and I...

Frozen peach trees
are misty roads to Pari Mahal
Curving their way to alphabet of Time
Couplets of Faiz and Mir sink
In the summer of my skin
Liquid roots give birth to our sun filled shadows

Lighthouses wake up
Murmuring shipwrecks…
And ancient cities exhale
Songs of saffron fields.

Dissolve in my blood
Night, Sleep, Death, and the stars…

Champak odours
Is what inky skies will be written with
I shed eons from the caves of my eyes
Muddle of stars
Draws maps of Macedonian secrets on your chest…

Lotuses of Light crumble
My soul withdraws its anchors
Piercing in me the Ruby Dagger
An angel of Silence wept
On necklace of Queen Bilqees

Kingdom of Darkness
Is where you locked yourself

On its rusting gates
You will find nothing but an atom of me…
While Providence flounders madly
In a jungle of bluebells

I was the fresh rain
That sipped the arid deserts inside you… absence shall forever be a harvest
Of sweet lavender scent
On your pillow…

END (Published by Nivasini Publishers for its anthology ‘Celebrating India :Love without Borders’). The anthology also features works by celebrated poet Gulzar.

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