Wednesday, September 16, 2015

For You

In my veins
You? Reign?
                        My scarf was a lonesome bloom
                        In the shadow of Autumn
What was that sun
On your rooftop?
                        Have the seashells carried
                        My future
                        Azure? Ashore?
Question marks always turn liquid on balmy beaches –

The nazm I dived in
Was God
            In ice sheets

A bleeding dream mated me
                                                Trickling from silver birches

Orion tasseled with vākhs
Brings baskets of birdsongs
            A world filled with green and sun
            Awaits its own return

Frontiers of colours
Sun the park benches
            It will take an epic
            To pluck your phantasm
            From ripe fruits
            From rice shoots

From the sleepy hazel ocean
A bud of Word bursts open
                                                An aster world has fallen
                                                From the dot of i
Fall reigns
Over tufts        
Of honeysuckle!

The forlorn future is my watermark
                        Papyrus dyed in lamp-years
                        Curls around
                        The soul in inkpot

The last twinkle
Of sodden Night
Shall drip

            On your closed eyelids…

Shortlisted for Raed Leaf Poetry, 2013 Contest

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