Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Halo of planets
            Body flames
Light up iced-candle-eons
            The sun stole
From our mouths
            Moulding rainbows
In glass

Breathe, like a gentle rustle of feathers
Dreams are melting
Into slivers of moon

The dome of the Taj shakes kahkashaan
                        Millions of stars rain
                        On thin, brittle entrance
                        Of Koh-e-Kaf

Zafar’s broken syllables

Silence dribbles down
                       Hennaed wrists:
Calligraphy in blood

The dewy air rising from Zabarwan
                                        Wraps the
                                        Cool ivory

The jingle of stars gives way
                        For a diamond to cover
                        The islets of eyes
And shakes snow off

The glow of planets
With palms rising as lotus
Sending forth murmurs
To the fajr skies
The silver-dust seals the envelope
                        That in dreams
                        You called Prayer

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